Company:  LOOPNET, INC.
Form Type:  4
Filing Date:  4/30/2012 
CIK:  0001353209 
Address:  185 BERRY STREET
SUITE 4000
City, State, Zip:  SAN FRANCISCO, California 94107 
Telephone:  (415) 243-4200 
Fiscal Year:  04/30 
Description of Business
On April 27, 2011, LoopNet, Inc. ("we," the "Company" or "LoopNet") entered into an Agreement and Plan of Merger (the "Merger Agreement") with CoStar Group, Inc., a Delaware corporation ("CoStar") under which the LoopNet will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of CoStar (the "Merger"). If the Merger is consummated, each outstanding share of our common stock will be converted into the right to receive a unit consisting of (i) $16.50 in cash, without interest, and (ii) 0.03702 shares of CoStar common stock. As previously disclosed, the holders of our Series A Preferred Stock have delivered contingent conversion notices to us pursuant to which such shares will be converted into common stock immediately prior to, and contingent upon, the completion of the Merger. On July 11, 2011, our stockholders adopted the Merger Agreement at a special meeting of the stockholders.
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