Form Type:  SD
Filing Date:  5/27/2022 
CIK:  0001333822 
Address:  3F, NO. 11 KE JUNG RD., CHU-NAN SITE
City, State, Zip:  CHU-NAN,  350 
Telephone:  886-37-586788 
Fiscal Year:  08/31 
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Description of Business
We develop, manufacture and sell light emitting diode (LED) chips and LED components, LED modules and systems. Our products are used for general lighting and specialty industrial applications, including ultraviolet, or UV, curing of polymers, LED light therapy in medical/cosmetic applications, counterfeit detection, germicidal and viricidal devices LED lighting for horticulture applications, architectural lighting and entertainment lighting. Utilizing our patented and proprietary technology, our manufacturing process begins by growing upon the surface of a sapphire wafer, or substrate, several very thin separate semiconductive crystalline layers of gallium nitride, or GaN, a process known as epitaxial growth, on top of which a mirror­like reflective silver layer is then deposited.
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