Form Type:  8-A12B
Filing Date:  4/27/2022 
CIK:  0001377936 
Address:  535 MADISON AVENUE 
City, State, Zip:  NEW YORK, New York 10022 
Telephone:  212 750-3343 
Fiscal Year:  02/28 
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0.54 (1.92%)  
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Jun 01  
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Description of Business
We are a specialty finance company that provides customized financing solutions to U.S middle-market businesses. We primarily invest in senior and unitranche leveraged loans and mezzanine debt and, to a lesser extent, equity issued by private U.S. middle-market companies, which we define as companies having annual earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization ("EBITDA") under $50 million, both through direct lending and through participation in loan syndicates. Our investment objective is to create attractive risk-adjusted returns by generating current income and long-term capital appreciation from our investments. Our investments generally provide financing for change of ownership transactions, strategic acquisitions, recapitalizations and growth initiatives in partnership with business owners, management teams and financial sponsors.
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