Form Type:  SC 13G/A
Filing Date:  7/12/2021 
CIK:  0000007039 
Address:  1650 HWY 6 SOUTH, SUITE 190 
City, State, Zip:  SUGAR LAND, Texas 77478 
Telephone:  281-980-5522 
Fiscal Year:  12/31 
Description of Business
Trecora Resources (the "Company" or "TREC") was incorporated in the State of Delaware in 1967. The Company's principal business activities are the manufacturing of various specialty petrochemicals products and specialty waxes and the provision of custom processing services. Unless the context requires otherwise, references to "we," "us," "our," "TREC," and the "Company" are intended to mean Trecora Resources and its subsidiaries. This document includes the following abbreviations: a.TOCCO - Texas Oil & Chemical Co. II, Inc. - Wholly owned subsidiary of TREC and parent of SHR and TC b.SHR - South Hampton Resources, Inc. - Specialty Petrochemicals segment and parent of GSPL c.GSPL - Gulf State Pipe Line Co, Inc. - Pipeline support for the Specialty Petrochemicals segment d.TC - Trecora Chemical, Inc. - Specialty Waxes segment e.PEVM - Pioche Ely Valley Mines, Inc.
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