Company:  HSBC USA INC /MD/
Form Type:  FWP
Filing Date:  6/11/2021 
CIK:  0000083246 
Address:  452 FIFTH AVE 
City, State, Zip:  NEW YORK, New York 10018 
Telephone:  212-525-5000 
Fiscal Year:  12/31 
Description of Business
HSBC USA Inc. ("HSBC USA"), incorporated under the laws of the State of Maryland in 1973 as Republic New York Corporation, was acquired through a series of transactions by HSBC Holdings plc ("HSBC" and, together with its subsidiaries, "HSBC Group") and changed its name to "HSBC USA Inc." in January 2000. HSBC USA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HSBC North America Holdings Inc. ("HSBC North America"), which is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of HSBC. Prior to November 15, 2016, HSBC USA was owned by HSBC North America Inc., an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of HSBC North America which was dissolved. HSBC USA's principal business is to act as a holding company for its subsidiaries. In this Form 10-K, HSBC USA and its subsidiaries are referred to as "HUSI," "we," "us" and "our." HSBC North America Operations HSBC North America is the holding company for HSBC Group's operations in the United States.
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