Form Type:  425
Filing Date:  9/11/2019 
CIK:  0001637913 
Address:  10200 ALLIANCE ROAD
City, State, Zip:  CINCINNATI, Ohio 45242 
Telephone:  513-487-5000 
Fiscal Year:  12/31 
Description of Business
As used in this Annual Report on Form 10-K, "Milacron", "Company", "we", "us", "ours" refer to the registrant and its consolidated subsidiaries except where the context requires otherwise. References to "Milacron LLC" refer to Milacron LLC, our wholly owned subsidiary. Corporate History Milacron Inc. began operations in 1860 in Cincinnati, Ohio as a screw, tap and die manufacturer, and expanded over the subsequent decades into a leading U.S. manufacturer of milling machinery and other equipment for metal processing. In the 1940s the company expanded into metalworking fluids and in the 1960s diversified into the growing market for plastic processing equipment by developing a line of injection molding equipment. After consistent growth from the 1960s through the 1990s, the plastic processing technology industry in North America was challenged in the 2001-2009 period by a reduction of spending by its customer base.
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