Form Type:  SD
Filing Date:  5/23/2019 
CIK:  0000006176 
Address:  726 BELL AVENUE
City, State, Zip:  CARNEGIE, Pennsylvania 15106 
Telephone:  412-456-4400 
Fiscal Year:  12/31 
Last Trade
Last Trade: 
-0.1225 (-3.36%)  
Trade Time: 
Nov 19  
Market Cap: 
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Description of Business
Ampco-Pittsburgh Corporation (the "Corporation") was incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1929. The Corporation, individually or together with its consolidated subsidiaries, is also referred to herein as the "Registrant." The Corporation classifies its businesses in two segments: Forged and Cast Engineered Products and Air and Liquid Processing. NARRATIVE DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESS Forged and Cast Engineered Products Segment Union Electric Steel Corporation produces ingot and forged products that service a wide variety of industries globally. It specializes in the production of forged hardened steel rolls used in rolling mills by producers of steel, aluminum and other metals throughout the world. In addition, it produces ingot and open-die forged products which are used in the oil and gas industry and the aluminum and plastic extrusion industries.
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